When Gods Play

Chapter 2: Into the Wilderness

At the end of chapter 1, you received 3 statues, each imbued with the souls of 3 goddesses, and given a map. The only thing you were told s that it was meant for you. The map leads obviously outside of town, but it’s final destination is nothing more than a red circle on the map. It looks not to be too far out of the town, but the forest your path leads into is known to you quite well. There are many stories of people disappearing into it, and it has been labeled as haunted.

Chapter 1: An Invitation

You are in the city of Camilla when you receive a package wrapped in black paper with swirling white designs. There is no return address, but your name is clearly marked in big red letters. Inside is a picture book with this story…

There once were three sisters among the elves. All three were considered beautiful beyond compare, each with their own unique attributes. The eldest was Merisiel, whose honey-gold tresses, green eyes and light skin graced her with many suitors. The prince took special notice of the middle child, Amrunelara, and had the bards compose songs of her amethyst eyes and dark hair. The youngest was Lenaria, and even through her fits of rebellion a beautiful woman with blue eyes and raven locks was seen. For a while all was peaceful within the village of Rinali, safely hidden within the trees. No one is quite sure what happened to destroy this time, hardly any records were left from the charred remains. The only thing anyone can agree on was the arrival of a strange item left to the sisters…

At the end of the book is an invitation made of simple black paper folded in half. White script in the same hand as your name has written:

You are cordially invited to attend an evening of festivities.
Please appear no later than 8:00pm at The Tower.
Black Tuxedo.


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